Polythene is a significant contributor to landfill and the production and transportation of polythene packaging has environmental impacts that have widespread implications. That's why we're focused on making our products as sustainable as possible, and in doing so we can cut your costs.

Sustainability | Excelothene

We take the environmental impact of our products seriously and work hard to mitigate the impact of our polythene.

Reducing usage

By sourcing quality products we're able to supply you with thinner gauges that have the same performance as your current products. This reduces your usage, minimises waste and also cuts your costs.

Recycling services

We can work with you to develop customised recycling solutions that make it easy for you to recycle any waste. This helps you to do your bit for the environment and reduce your landfill tax costs.

Carbon neutral polythene

We're able to offer completely carbon neutral products by offsetting the carbon for every product you buy from our carbon neutral range. Because of the consistently high quality of these products, carbon offsetting doesn't have to increase your costs. In fact you could still save 20% by switching to our carbon neutral polythene range.

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