Excelothene - Friday, August 19, 2016

At Excelothene we sell a range of pallet wrap, pallet covers and liners to keep loads contained and protected. For both storage and transportation purposes, our pallet wrap is a great way to keep everything in check and ensure that loads remain in a good condition.

pallet wrap

The pallet wrap that we supply is manufactured using more consistent polythene than our competitors and won’t break or tear during wrapping, or thereafter. Using our pallet wrap will help you to cut costs and minimise waste through higher quality products with less margin for error.

Flexibility and strength

The pre-stretched polythene used in our pallet wrap offers high levels of flexibility and strength. The consistent composition of the polythene throughout means there are no weak spots where breakages can occur and the high flexibility from pre-stretching allows it to wrap around any shape and edge. Combined, this minimises the risks of damaged loads and cuts wastage where wrap has been defective.

Protection of loads

The number one priority in shipping loads is to have them arrive in the same condition they left the warehouse; this being something that is often out of our control. Being transported in a bumpy lorry can often mean goods get damaged and pallets can end up in storage for months or even years. This is why it’s so important for the wrap to provide a strong and durable covering.

Making wrapping easy

Using our pallet wrap is simple and easy. It can be used with a handheld roller or with a pallet wrapping machine to make for extra efficient wrapping. We supply pallet wrap in any width, just let us know what you need and we will source the right product.

Stockholding solution

The cost benefits of bulk buying are clear to any business but storing bulky packaging materials can take up a frustrating amount of room in your warehouse. What we offer at Excelothene is a stockholding solution where you can bulk buy pallet wrap and keep it in our clean and dry warehouse. You can come and take stock whenever you need and maximise the space in your warehouse.

Contact us to discuss stockholding options.

If you’re looking to secure your loads with a cost effective and manageable product, please get in touch today for a quote and we promise to be in touch within 30 minutes.

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