Camille - Tuesday, December 06, 2016

Pallet wrapping usually takes up a lot more time than is necessary. It's often the cause of delays in the warehouse and can result in damage or delayed deliveries. Having an efficient packaging and wrapping process can help you expand your operations and grow your business.

pallet wrap

Manually wrapping your pallets can seem like the most cost efficient process compared to the cost of a machine. However, investing in a semi-automatic or automatic machine can cut costs in many ways.

Save time

In some case, it can take up to 15 minutes to wrap a pallet by hand. Using a pallet wrap machine enables you to wrap anywhere up to 120 pallets an hour. Minimising the time spent on packaging can allow you to focus on other elements of your business.

Speed up dispatch time

Getting your loads out the door as quick as possible is key if you're looking to expand your operations. Turning over the stock in your warehouse quickly can allow you to take more orders and deliver things more quickly.

Uphold your reputation

There are two things that customers look for in deliveries; efficiency and quality. Making sure that your customers receive their goods on time and in great condition is of paramount importance. Hand wrapping isn’t easy and often results in film coming loose during transit; leading to breakages. Using a stretch wrapping machine can safeguard the condition of pallet wraps during transit.

Film requirements

Dependant on the application, you're likely to need varying thicknesses of plastic film. What we specialise in at Excelothene is determining the best polythene for our clients. After a brief consultation, we are able to establish the optimum thickness needed for specific applications. This will make sure that you're not using a thicker polythene than needed and waste can be kept to a minimum.

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We have both hand wrap and machine applied pallet wrap on offer. All our polythene is premium quality and consistent throughout. Our durable and high strength polythene means you can cut wastage and lower your spend on pallet wrap. Get in touch to speak to one of our expert advisors and get a quote.

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