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When it comes to the storage and transportation of goods it’s easy to get things wrong. Keeping everything in good condition and protection goods from any damage is key. Stretch wrap is one of the best ways to protect loads and prevent businesses from any financial loss.

stretch wrap

There are many benefits of using stretch wrap to move loads, including:

Protection of your goods

Stretch wrap is pre-made and pre-stretched polythene that can be wrapped around objects of any shape and size. Stretch wrap can protect your goods from a variety of things. By covering your goods in plastic wrap you will be providing protection against dust, damp and even sun damage. Opaque wrap can shield your goods from moderate levels of UV rays and ensure that everything stays in the best condition possible.

Makes things easier to handle

Having loose objects can mean things get dropped, lost and damaged in the handling and transportation of goods. By having your contents tightly wrapped, you can ensure that loads stay safe. Another factor of having products wrapped with stretch wrap is that it makes them much easier to handle. Everything is in place, with even edges and no room for movement; making for much more efficient handling.

Improves the stability of your loads and aids transportation

By stretch wrapping your loads you will be increasing the stability and making transportation much easier. By compressing and containing your loads in stretch wrap, they are much less likely to fall. Increased stability also makes it much easier to stack loads and increase haulage size.

Ensuring the safe removal of hazardous goods

Stretch wrap not only makes things safer and easier to transport but it can be really useful in the removal of some hazardous material. Containing hazardous waste or goods in strong polythene wrap can be one of the safest ways to remove it from the premises and make sure that that nothing escapes.

*talk to our advisors about specific hazardous items.

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