Camille - Thursday, August 04, 2016

Packaging supplies don’t need to take up time and cause you too much grief. There are lots of companies out there offering similar products and it can be confusing to choose which is best. In order to find a reputable supplier quickly and efficiently, there are a few things to bear in mind.

packaging supplies


Packaging supplies such as plastic film and stretch wrap need to offer high levels of flexibility, at the same time as providing a barrier from moisture, dirt and dust. In order to wrap around objects of varying shapes and sizes efficiently, we source flexible polythene that’s strong consistent and reliable. The flexibility of our products means less breakage and less waste.


Durability is a key factor in all packaging supplies; you need something thick and strong enough to hold and protect your products. What we offer at Excelothene is consistency. The polythene used in all our packaging supplies offers high levels of durability through its consistent polymer structure.

Printing capabilities

If you want your packaging supplies to fall in line with your business’ branding and identity, then it’s important to choose a supplier that has printing capabilities. We can source packaging supplies in any colour and have the ability to print branding and imagery on our polythene.

Environmental impact

With polythene being a major contributor at landfill sites, we feel that it’s our duty to be responsible about how we manage waste and production. We’re committed to lessening the impact polythene has on the environment and focus on sustainability. By using a thinner gauge of polythene we are reducing wastage and have introduced a service where we help all of our customers to find an easy way to recycle their packaging supplies. In addition to this, we have our carbon neutral range of polythene which enables you to offset the carbon from the products you purchase from us.

Supplier expertise and cost savings

Having sound advice and expertise upon purchasing packaging supplies can help you save money and find the most efficient packaging supplies for your company. Cutting landfill tax costs, product costs and reducing waste will help you save up to 20% on your packaging supplies.

If you’re looking to cut the cost of your packaging supplies and have a product that is strong, cost efficient and environmentally sustainable then please apply for a quote here and we will be in touch within 30 minutes.

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