Poor quality polythene puts your products at risk of damage, but increasing the thickness to combat this will eat into your bottom line. Our trained consultants can work with you to select products from our wide range of quality and consistent polythene bags, sheets and wraps to find the optimum products for your needs.



We work with group of trusted suppliers to ensure that our wide range of sofa covers, mattress bags and wraps is consistent and of high quality. This allows you to reduce the thickness of product while ensuring the same level of protection.

A complete range of sofa covers and mattress bags

Our sales team are experienced and have full training across our product range. As polythene experts they can take the pain away from product selection, while also helping you to cut costs by up to 40%.

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Our range of additional services, including staff training and stockholding, makes Excelothene a one stop shop for your polythene needs.

Some of our quality furniture polythene products include:

Sofa covers

We offer sheets, bags and covers in all widths and thicknesses to suit your needs. Available clear, coloured, or printed with your brand.

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Mattress bags

Our mattress bags and polythene sheets are highly durable and of consistent quality, ensuring your products are protected throughout the supply chain.

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Spiral wrap

High strength and of consistent quality, our spiral wrap films can cut your costs while ensuring the highest level of protection from factory to consumer.

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Why choose Excelothene?

We're not interested in simply selling you sofa covers, mattress bags or other furniture polythene products – we pride ourselves on helping you to find the right product for your needs.

Our sales team have a high level of technical knowledge and training, so they can advise on the optimum product range and thickness for your needs.

Our products are high quality and, just as importantly, consistent. We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee you security of supply.

All this combines to give you great quality sofa covers and mattress bags at low costs and with minimal wastage.

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Our expert sales team know how to select the right polythene for your needs at the right price. We can cut your costs by up to 40% without compromising quality.

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