Cut your plastic film costs with our expert consultancy. We can source and supply any size, thickness or finish of polythene film.

Plastic Film


Our range of plastic film is sourced from trusted suppliers to ensure quality and consistency. Our trained sales team can advise you on the optimum thickness of polythene for your usage, saving you money and reducing wastage.

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A complete range of quality plastic films

Polythene is our business and we're able to supply all shapes and sizes of general purpose films and products suitable for all industries.

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We can supply plain and printed films in a range of colours. Just get in touch with the team to discuss your specific requirements.

Shrink film

Our quality shrink films have a range of applications, from pallet wrapping to pack collation. The consistency of our products allows you to reduce thickness without impacting your yield, cutting your costs and minimising waste.

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Scaffold shrink wrap and sheeting

With detached and shrink wrap scaffold sheeting available, we're able to supply plastic films suitable for any construction project. The high strength and quality of our products ensures a good level of containment and weather resistance at cost effective prices. Our consultants can give expert advice on the right product for your needs, reducing your purchase costs and minimising the labour required to apply.

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Plastic film for furniture

Our films are ideal for protecting furniture and mattresses from damage during delivery. The range of widths and thicknesses available allow you to effectively wrap bulky or awkwardly shaped products. Our expert sales team can advise you on the optimum thickness to provide the level of protection you need while minimising cost and wastage.

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Plastic mailing film

Mailing films for magazines, catalogues and products allow you to easily dispatch products with a high level of protection. Choose from clear or opaque film with or without printing. Just contact the sales team with your requirements for a quote, or for expert advice on the right products for your needs.

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Why choose Excelothene?

We're not interested in simply selling you plastic film – we pride ourselves on helping you to find the right product for your needs.

Our sales team have a high level of technical knowledge and training, so they can advise on the optimum product range and thickness for your needs.

Our products are high quality and, just as importantly, consistent. We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee you security of supply.

All this combines to give you great quality polythene products and plastic film at low costs and with minimal wastage.

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Our expert sales team know how to select the right polythene for your needs at the right price. We can cut your costs by up to 40% without compromising quality.

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