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Bags & Covers


Our range covers everything from heavy duty polythene bags and covers to low gauge bags and box liners. We're able to supply printed products, biodegradable plastic bags and bags with specialist treatments. We're also able to provide stockholding services to reduce your warehousing costs. Our expert consultants can advise you on which products meet your requirements at the lowest cost.

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A complete range of quality polythene bags and covers

Working with a range of trusted suppliers we're able to provide a full range of polythene bags, pallet covers, box liners and stillage covers. We source high quality and consistent products, which allow you to reduce the gauge of your product without increasing breakage rates, cutting your costs and reducing wastage.

Choose from plain or printed polythene bags and covers or contact us for information on the range of additives, sealing methods, sizes and form factors we can supply.

Polythene bags

We're able to supply you with the highest quality polythene bags at the size and thickness that you need. Supplied boxed, on perforated rolls or loose we'll work with you to find the optimum gauge and format to fit your usage while minimising costs.

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Pallet covers

Our high strength, durable polythene pallet covers protect your good form the elements and from damage during transport and handling. Available as loose or heat shrunk covers, the quality and consistency of our products ensure maximum yield for minimum cost.

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Plastic bags and liners for food use

We have years of expertise in supplying the food industry and can supply a wide range of food safe products, including Dolav liners, box and tray liners. Our food safe polythene bags are high quality and consistent, minimising losses due to breakage. Our trained sales team can advise on the ideal gauge for your application, reducing your costs and waste.

Food Packaging & Polythene Bags

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Why choose Excelothene?

We're not interested in simply selling you polythene bags – we pride ourselves on helping you to find the right product for your needs.

Our sales team have a high level of technical knowledge and training, so they can advise on the optimum product range and thickness for your needs.

Our products are high quality and, just as importantly, consistent. We work closely with our suppliers to guarantee you security of supply.

All this combines to give you great quality polythene bags and covers at low costs and with minimal wastage.

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Our expert sales team know how to select the right polythene for your needs at the right price. We can cut your costs by up to 40% without compromising quality.

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